Health and Safety

In the context of our CIBA VISION Health, Safety and Environment program, "Health" means the well being of our employees. We are committed to providing our employees safe workplaces and offering programs that promote and improve their health and well being.

Through health protection measures, we try to identify and reduce any potential injuries and occupational illnesses that could arise out of the workplace as a result of exposure to physical, chemical, biological or ergonomic factors. We maintain thorough risk assessment and management practices, including medical examinations.

In addition, we implement health promotion activities that expand the view of occupational health beyond the workplace to related environmental, behavioral, and life-style factors. We offer a variety of initiatives and programs to maintain the health of our employees, all the while respecting personal views and privacy.

Protecting the safety of our employees, our neighbors and the environment is an integral part of our operating responsibilities. At CIBA VISION, we have systems in place to ensure all our products and operations are safe and environmentally compatible from the research and development phase, through the production and distribution phase. If a serious accident would occur, our emergency management system is in place to respond and reduce the consequences of the impact.