An Important Message About Color Lenses

CIBA VISION works to support the continued good vision and eye health of all consumers who rely on our products for vision correction, and/or for eye color change or enhancement.

CIBA VISION wants consumers to know that when fitted, worn and cared for properly, color contact lenses can provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance. It is important to remember that all contact lenses, including color lenses (even if they arent worn to correct your vision), should only be dispensed by an eye care professional. As a result, CIBA VISION distributes all of our contact lenses only through professional channels.

Consumers who buy lenses from any other source other than a qualified eye care professional, without receiving proper fitting, instruction and follow up care, are putting themselves at unnecessary risk of eye injury. We therefore urge all consumers to only wear contact lenses while under the supervision of a licensed eye care professional, as improper use of lenses can lead to ocular complications requiring medical treatment.

In addition, it is important that you don't share your contact lenses with anyone. Sharing contact lenses may spread micro-organisms that could result in serious eye health problems.

As a medical device, contact lenses must be prescribed by a licensed eye care professional. Federal law (U.S.) prohibits dispensing of contact lenses without a prescription.