AOSept® Plus

Considered the platinum standard in contact lens care, AOSept® Plus provides unsurpassed disinfecting efficacy and cleaning by harnassing the power of peroxide.

A one-bottle, no-rub, no-rinse* hydrogen peroxide-based lens care solution for all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. AOSept® Plus can also be used to clean, disinfect and store rigid gas permeable lenses.


Ranked #1 in contact lens comfort1, AOSept® Plus is formulated without the added preservatives found in some multi-purpose solutions. According to a recent study, replacing a one-bottle solution with a lens care system without added preservatives, such as a peroxide-based solution, can increase comfort.


Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions have historically been considered the "platinum standard" in contact lens care. However, some contact lens wearers moved from peroxide systems in favor of the more convenient one-bottle multi-purpose solutions. Today, AOSept® Plus combines the unsurpassed cleaning and disinfecting of a hydrogen peroxide-based solution with the convenience of a one-bottle system.


AOSept® Plus contains hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect contact lenses, as well as a built-in cleaner. AOSept® Plus provides additional triple-action cleaning power:

  • Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the lens to provide deep cleaning.
  • Mechanical forces caused by the bubbling remove surface protein


Studies show most people do not clean or replace their lens case regularly, risking lens contamination. Every package of AOSept® Plus contains a disposable lens case with built-in neutralizing disc to promote healthy habits and ensure proper neutralization. The hydrogen peroxide reacts with the neutralizing disc to:

  • Neutralize the hydrogen peroxide to a sterile, buffered saline
  • Mechanical forces caused by the bubbling remove surface protein


AOSept® Plus should always be used in the provided lens case with built-in neutralizer

  • Never put AOSept® Plus directly into the eye
  • Never rinse lenses with AOSept® Plus prior to insertion into the eye. Solution must be neutralized.
  • Never use AOSept® Plus in a flat lens case
  • Always soak lenses in the provided lens case for at least six hours prior to inserting into the eye
  • Always discard the old lens case to avoid contamination and ensure proper neutralization