Lens Care

Caring for your contact lenses has never been easier, more convenient and healthier for your eyes, thanks to CIBA VISION's full line of lens care products. Whether you choose one-bottle systems, peroxide-based systems, lens drops, cleaners or saline solutions, CIBA VISION provides highly effective lens care products that ensure comfort, performance and convenience.


a one-bottle lens care solution that comes with a revolutionary MicroBlock™ anti-bacterial lens case that allows your eyes to stay better protected and hence healthier. The HydroLock™ Moisturizing Effect of ProVitamin B5 and Sorbitol locks in moisture and prevents lens dehydration for enhanced levels of lens comfort.

AOSept® Plus

the platinum standard in contact lens care. AOSept® Plus is a convenient one bottle, no rub, no rinse* peroxide-based lens care solution without the preservatives found in many all-in-one solutions. With the power of peroxide, AOSept® Plus provides unsurpassed disinfecting efficacy and cleaning for improved lens comfort.

Other Lens Care Products

Want more options? CIBA VISION has even more lens care products for you to choose from.