Contact lens wearers can now look forward to better lens protection and comfort all day long with the launch of CIBA VISION's latest lens care solution SOLO-care AQUA™.

80% of contact lens wearers* contaminate their lens cases by rinsing with tap water. Are you one of them?

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, the health of your eyes isn't something you should compromise. Introducing SOLO-care AQUA™, the first multi-purpose solution that comes exclusively with the unique MicroBlock™ anti-bacterial lens case.

Do you wear your contact lenses for more than 9 hours*?

Most people do, and this resulting in greater end-of-day dryness when eyes are exposed to extreme environments such as air-conditioned rooms and smoky places, or after long hours in front of the computer. New SOLO-care AQUA™ ensures all day wearing comfort with its exceptional HydroLock™ Moisturizing Effect.

The Micro block™ Effect:

Improve the safety of your contact lenses with MicroBlock™ - the first ever anti-bacterial lens case in Singapore. Infused with antimicrobial silver ions throughout the case and lens cap, MicroBlock™ kills bacteria on contact but also prevents the growth of new ones.Your eyes are healthier as they stay better protected.

The Hydrolock™ Effect:

Enjoy enhanced all day wearing comfort with HydroLock™ formulation:

  • Pro-Vitamin B5, the special moisturizing ingredient that locks in moisture and prevents lens dehydration giving you comfortable, moist lenses all day long, even in the toughest environments.
  • Sorbitol, a moisturizing effect that promotes water retention and moisture, similar to other ophthalmic, beauty and cosmetic products.
  • With a speedy, 10-second rub and 5-minute soak, SOLO-Care AQUA™ users can rapidly and effectively care for their soft contact lenses then get on with their lives
  • In fact, lenses cleaned in SOLO-care AQUA™ keep up to 90 percent more moisture than lenses cleaned in other leading lens care products.
  • Using SOLO-care AQUA™

    SOLO-care AQUA™ can be used to clean, disinfect and store all soft contact lenses. It works in two different ways: 5-minute express option (rub and rinse) No rub / No rinse option (soak lenses for at least 4 hours or overnight)

    *Only your eye care professional can determine if you may wear your prescribed lenses overnight. Please check with your eye care professional before sleeping in your contact lenses.
    **Pritchard N, Fonn D, Brazeau D. Discontinuation of contact lens wear: A survey. ICLC. 1999; 26: 157-162.
    ***Begley G, Chalmers R, Mitchell G, et al. Characterization of ocular surface symptoms from optometric practices in North America. Cornea. 2001; 20 (6): 610-618.