Focus® DAILIES® with AquaRelease™

With Blink-Activated Moisturizer For All Day Comfort

Introducing the first daily disposable contact lens with blink-activated moisturizer for all day comfort

AquaRelease™ is a blink-activated moisturizer that lubricates the eyes throughout the day. With every blink, AquaRelease™ is gradually released from the lens into the tear film to deliver all day comfort with up to 16 hours wearing time2.

With each blink, the eye lid 'squeezes' the lens.

The built-in moisturizer is released from the lens into the tear film.

This keeps the eyes moisturized throughout the day, resulting in improved comfort and reduced dryness**

** compared to original Focus DAILIES.

Discover a new level of comfort with Focus DAILIES

AquaRelease™ keeps your eyes comfortable from the instant you put them on to the moment you remove them. Wearing contacts have never been so comfortable and easy.

New Focus DAILIES feature Visitint™, a handling tint that makes it easier to insert and remove.

Focus DAILIES are also available for those who have astigmatism.

1 Data on file, CIBA VISION
2 Compared to original Focus DAILIES. Data on file, CIBA VISION