FreshLook® Cosmetic Lenses

Want to change, enhance or illuminate your eye color? For dark eyes or light eyes, even if your vision is perfect or you have astigmatism, we have the lenses for you.

FreshLook ColorBlends®

The patented three-in-one technology blends three colours into one to create the most natural, subtle eye colour change for a beautiful look.

Available in 9 alluring hues - Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Brown, Turquoise, Amethyst and the latest additions - True Sapphire and Pure Hazel.

FreshLook® Colors

FreshLook® Colors creates bold and dramatic eye color changes. Available in 6 stunning colors - Blue, Sapphire Blue, Violet, Green, Misty Gray and Hazel.

See the full range of FreshLook® colors available.